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Presenting the


Turkey's most beautiful treasure, Akita began its engineering studies in 2003 by establishing its own organic rose gardens in Isparta to manufacture 100% natural products with the Isparta rose. Akita's roses are Ispartaroses, also known as Rosa Damascena around the world. It is a special type of oil rose with healthy minerals, a unique scent, and aroma. It has a considerably higher frequency than any other known plant in the world. It nourishes the skin rapidly and profoundly with this feature.


2. The rose season in Isparta lasts for about a month. The buds, which begin to bloom in May, are hand-picked every day in the darkness of the night for a month. The roses which are put in sacks are placed as quickly as possible into the cauldrons and started to be processed.


3. Akita has reworked rose water by taking a fresh approach to conventional methods. It has developed a unique method for preserving the rose oil and minerals in the rose water. Akita has manufactured and sold the "Non-deoiled Rose Water" for the first time in the world. Unlike rose oil factories, Akita manufactures rose water as its primary product. It has increased the value of rose water by ensuring that all of the components and minerals found in rose oil are preserved in rose water. Akita rose water has an infinite shelf life thanks to this special technique. Akita Rose Water has organic, vegan, and natural certifications. Furthermore, it has been scientifically proven that the product does not cause allergies, does not irritate the skin around the eye, does not contain any bacteria, and has no side effects on the sensitive skin as a result of analyses performed by universities and independent laboratories.


Akita uses non-deoiled rose water and rose oil in all skincare products. It offers over 200 skincare products, all of which are manufactured with formulas developed by Akita engineers as of 2021. The world's leading companies of plant extracts using advanced technology are solution partners of Akita. It continues to conduct R&D studies in Turkey and Canada laboratories, developing natural products that are both environmentally friendly and beneficial to human skin. Another feature of Akita products is that they employ the maximum amount of plant extracts recommended. Akita operates unconventionally but based on scientific data, and each product is granted Akita's own interpretation. 


4. Akita exports to 12 countries, mainly Canada, United States, and China. It has established its second company headquarters and warehouse in Canada in 2011. It signed an agreement with EcoTrend, one of North America's largest natural product distributors, in 2020, and hit the shelves of natural product markets. Realizing the concept of Non-deoiled Rose Water, unlike other brands, has brought a brand new standard to the famous Rose Water and has enhanced the reputation and value of natural skincare products created with Turkish roses by introducing the Turkish rose to the world with quality products.  


5. Akita has the records of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, Health Canada, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China, as well as all accreditation documents certifying that it manufactures under international standards and requirements.

6. As Akita, we continue to make efforts to bring you new products by combining our expertise, quality, and standards with the rapidly advancing technology.


Presenting the "Non-deoiled Rose Water" from its creator to you!

Authentic rose water, authentic rose scent

We all have the right to use products containing authentic rose oil and rose water.

The first and only non-deoiled rose water!